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About Us

Steve Hauxwell
       Steve Hauxwell

NatResCo was the brainchild of Steve Hauxwell, the owner of Natural Resource Professionals PTE (Singapore), and partner at NatResPro (UK). With more than 3 decades working as a Geologist and Drilling manager under his belt, at sites all over the world, he wanted to give something back to the industry that has been so good to him.

In starting these energy related companies he also fulfilled a life long dream of starting his own business. All Steves current projects are internet based, and aim to provide the most up to date and accurate information on the web. This information is collated and tailored for his peers in the industry.

By seeing weaknesses in the market that have caused problems and frustrations, Steve knew that he could provide some real solutions.

The online portfolio of internet properties include which provides on the ground advice for internationally mobile energy consultants. It contains security alerts, cost of living guidance, travel and logistic information, and much more, amongst hundreds of beautiful images of the places where you might visit on your next work assignment. is a web based skill pool management company. In the current business climate, Steve believes that some of the traditional natural resource recruiting is hopelessly out of date. There tends to be a big gap between the volume model, where you can obtain candidate CV’s very easily and cheaply, and the executive search/ recruitment model that is very expensive, especially at current oil and gas prices.

NatResPro is working on creating an industry step change. For a long time savvy decision makers have wanted the right candidates at an economical finders fee. This was impossible for many years. NatResPro plans to change this model completely.

For the development of this Website, Steve enlisted Jason Lavis, his business partner at NatResPro.

          Jason Lavis

Jason is an online marketing and web development specialist, whose writing can be found at Out of the Box Innovations. Jason is responsible for creating, running and marketing this website.

During the brainstorming stage of the creation of the first questions that Steve asked were:

" Can we make an energy directory that is different to anything else in the industry?"
" One that represents a step forward and an improvement?"
" Will it be helpful to our peers and help the industry improve?”

Jason replied “yes, yes and yes!”