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Informational Articles

This section of our website offers guidance and information to new visitors. It is the place where you can find background information, helpful pointers, and get to understand all of the features and benefits of the site.

Here is a snapshot and summary of the drop down tabs that appear in this section:


This section gives a quick guide to directory websites in general, then explains why NatResCo is different to the numerous 'general directories' that are available on the web. There are bullet points to explain why this website is a good place for listing your company, and a good place for searching for one too. Go to Benefits


Here is a list of practical questions that you might have before using this website. As someone asks a new question, it is added here to save time for future visitors. If you can't find the answer to your question, or would like a more in depth answer, please contact us here. To go and check our list of FAQ's then click here. They are listed in alphabetical order in terms topic keywords.

About Us:

Who is 'behind' NatResCo? What do they get out of it?

The success of this niche specific energy and natural resource directory is dependent on 3 sets of people:

  1. The owners and publishers of the website.
  2. The companies who choose to showcase themselves here.
  3. The end users who find the company who provides the service that they are looking for.

So this means that there is a level of interdependence involved in the human relationships behind this website, (or any other one for that matter). The 'About Us' section gives you an insight into the minds of the creators. Go to About Us.