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Welcome, and thank you for visiting our website. You might be a searcher, or a company who is considering placing a listing here. First of all we will cover the reasons for running a directory website. After that there will be a list of benefits ordered for searchers, and a seperate one for profile publishers.

Directories have been part of our lives for a very long time. If we consider telephone, fast food, and company directories, these are different to online directories but fall into the same category. The reason for a directory is to have indexed, organised and easily accessable information at our fingertips. This makes life as a searcher easier and more convenient. Companies have always listed in directories as a way of increasing the possibility of customers finding them.

When the internet was created, directories were one of the first things to arrive. In fact, Yahoo started out not as a search engine, but as an internet directory. The company was created by Jerry Yang and David Filo whilst at Stanford University and was originally called:

'Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web'

Another early general directory was called DMOZ and is still around today. Over the years, directories have become less visited and less valuable to searchers, listed companies and directory owners. The reason for this is because search engines have improved tremedously over the years in complexity and in the quality of their search results.

For most search terms there are no reasons to go to a directory to make your search. In fact, it is possible that you have never used a directory to search for a company.

This begs the question - why bother with

An even bigger question might be - Why on earth would someone be talking down the benefits of directories, on a page that is supposed to be touting the benefits?

The reason is that we want to be realistic about who might use this website, what they will use it for, and what sets it apart from old fashioned, or 'general directories'.

For people looking for a specialist company that suits their needs:

  • The entries to this directory are personally vetted by moderators. Entries will be checked for spam and more importantly, a quick background check will ensure that the listed companies are 'real' and reasonably well established. This is different to the average internet search where quality varies tremendously. It is still possible for first page listings to have been ‘SEO’d’ to the top with spam tactics. Any company listing that you will find here will have been inspected by an energy industry professional.
  • Each search result will offer you one page with the most important information. This information includes an address, social media links, year of establishment, a Google map and so on. When you are searching and find a number of different companies to choose from, it will be easier to have everything in one place, with the information clearly organised and ordered.
  • You can find reviews and feedback from the previous customers of the company who’s profile you are looking at. These reviews will not be edited by us, and in order to post a review, users will need to provide a few personal details. These details will be verified by our moderators, especially in the case of an overly 'glowing' or 'damning' review that could be put there by an insider or competitor. There are also anti-spam measures in place for reviewers.
  • NatResCo has been created by industry people who have interests in different sectors of the energy business. This means that we reach out to and encourage all of the good quality companies that we are aware of to create a profile. This keeps the quality high, and enables us to be discerning on who to allow to stay here. We will always actively remove fake profiles, or those of companies who are no longer in business. These are other advantages over our main competition, the search engines.

For companies who are considering listing here:

  • Unlike most directories in existence, your company can really be showcased here. Have you seen directory pages with just a few sentences and a link? These offer little value, for both a visitors perspective, and yours. At NatResCo you can include full contact details including a map and social media profiles. You can create a full write up featuring your companies strong points and unique selling propositions. You will also get a private login in order to edit your listing any time you like.
  • Your potential clients will have the ability to send you messages through our website. This reduces friction in the process and maximises your chances of receiving new business leads.
  • Your existing customers have an opportunity to sing your praises and leave reviews. Because this directory is actively moderated, you will have the opportunity to contact us if you believe the review is unfair or inappropriate we will then attempt to mediate with the reviewer. If they are not professional in responding then we will simply delete their review.
  • Because the moderators are experienced energy industry professionals, your company listing will be amongst many other quality companies. These companies will be from different sub niches of your industry, and possible different niches altogether. (You might be in the solar industry, but your counterparts in hydro and wind will also be here). We want to make this the most exclusive premium energy and resource directory on the web, and keep it that way!
  • Your listing on NatResCo is likely to appear high up on the search engines results, especially if you are a small to medium sized enterprise. When a customer searches for your company, ideally you will want them to come directly to your website. A second choice would be your social media profiles and any positive news articles or profiles. Your profile here will be a positive result and a step away from a new client doing business with you. Dominating the first page of rankings in the search engines is good for reputation management, and lead funnelling.
  • Because this directory is niche specific, it is more likely to provide SEO value from the point of view of the citation, and the link back to your home site. While the search engines algorithms are top secret, all experts agree that the relevance in subject matter is very important for ranking signals.