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Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

Q) I am not very internet savvy, is it easy to create a profile?
A) If you have created a social media profile, then you will find this easier. There are less fields to complete, and no need for using Photoshop software for banners or such like.

Q) If we get stuck, can you help?
A) Send us an email with any questions you have. If there is a reason why you are unable to complete the sign up process we will gladly do it for you if you provide the source information about your company.

Q) We didn't create social media profiles yet, do we have to complete every application field?
A) A few fields are compulsory, most are not. We recommend that you complete your profile as much as possible, because this will show your company in the best possible light to visitors and potential clients.

Q) What if I don't complete my profile because I don't have everything I need at hand?
A) The first part of the process involves creating a username and password. These details will automatically be emailed to you so that you have a record. You can update or add to your profile at any time in the future.

Q) My companies industry categories are not available, does this mean we can't list?
A) At the time of writing this directory is new. We have tried to find a balance between having choices of category listings, without having too many unpopulated ones that would give an empty search result. Month by month, year by year every conceivable category will be added, including ones that haven't even been invented yet! For now, please contact us and we will add your companies industry categories right away.


Q) If I choose the 'FREE' listing, can I upgrade to the paid version? If I choose a paid version can I downgrade?
A) Yes of course, you can contact us and change your plan at any time.

Q) What if I sign up then change my mind? Can I have a refund or remove my listing?
A) If you are unsatisfied for any reason you can cancel your future payments, previous months and years will not be refunded. It is unlikely that you will ever want to remove your listing because the basic option is free of charge and will continue to provide benefits for years to come.

Q) Do you offer discounts or affiliate offers for agencies?
A) Yes, please contact us for details.

Search Engine Optimization

Q) If I list my companies website here, will it appear higher in the search engines?
A) Anything is possible, but realistically building an online presence, and improving your companies search engine results is an ongoing, long-term process. It is highly unlikely that one citiation or link will make any difference on its own.

Q) Does my listing have a 'follow' or 'no follow' link back to my website?
A) It is a 'follow' link because we want the search engines to ensure that your companies pages are listed in their results.

Q) Should I use plenty of relevant keywords when creating my company profile?
A) We advise that you write your company profile in the most natural way possible. When you describe your business it will automatically include keywords that help the search engines identify the relevance of the result. Remember that the main objective is to create a new place on the internet where people can find you, not to please the search engines.

Q) I am responsible for my companies SEO, are there any other directories like yours that we can put our profile in?
A) At the time of writing, we are not aware of any other directories that are specifically created for energy and natural resource companies. The majority of directories are 'general directories' that in our opinion, offer little value for SEO or for end users.